Staten Island Mold Remediation

Staten Island Mold Remediation

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We do things differently from any other mold remediation company in Staten island.

Mold in offices or houses, even a small contamination, is a serious health risk which can result in asthma and other respiratory diseases.  Mold also attacks foodstuffs resulting in dangerous toxins which in turn can give rise to food poisoning.

Mold can Growth even in small concentrations, are detrimental to the well being of adults and children.

We will perform the following steps :

Washing, spraying or fogging of the affected areas with an appropriate anti-microbial will sanitise the contaminated surfaces.

Removal of plaster and wood where contamination is severe or dry/wet rot has taken hold.

Air scrubber – an air sterilisation unit which will kill all airborne spores released from mold infestation can be deployed if necessary.

Installation of drying equipment  – a combination of dehumidifiers, air movers & heaters will be deployed to ensure moisture and relative humidity levels are consistent with healthy living conditions.

Monitoring of drying equipment – to guarantee suitable damp free conditions are maintained.

Installation of appropriate ventilation systems (if appropriate).

Stripping out and replacing of units and building materials that have been affected beyond repair by the damp or mould.

Redecorating following cleaning and sanitization.

Staten Island Mold Remediation

Staten Island Mold Remediation